Dream Gardens & Garden Dreams

Garden & focal points can be simple as opposed to a water feature, etc...Create one using a beautiful pot and the repetition of the same greenery. Hierarchy & various levels are key.
interesting how this looks like it could be a textured painting with the ivy growing up and around the flat pot..
For Earth Day, a little green house that seems to grow right out of the ground. A vine-covered metal framework in the classic shape of every child's first drawing of home, this small structure is in the Children's Garden at The Huntington..
Bunnies having fun!
Decorating with Blue and White Outdoors- The Glam Pad.
Potted perennials.
Landscaping Gate and Garden.
Duchess of Edinburgh Clematis (Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh') at Oakland Nurseries Inc.
Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight', large white blooms tinged with pale green; trailing Ivy at the base spills over the sides of the classy zinc planter boxes. Baltic Ivy (variegated creamy edge) would combine well too.
~ Climbing hydrangea ~ WISH I HAD THIS ALL OVER MY PORCH.